Sunday, October 09, 2005

OK I'm back. Got a new dang computer too. Man it's sweet. I never really realized how slow and clunky my old one was. Anyway, yee-haw!! Here we go -

Troya - Point Of Eruption (1976)
Troya made this privately to sell at gigs, and though the production was low-budget, the original records now sell for hundreds of dollars. The music is classically influenced symphonic progressive rock dominated by a Hammond organ with some inspired guitar solos now and then. They were good musicians who wrote some dynamic material, with a sound similar to their countrymen Novalis and Epidaurus. For fans of German progressive rock.


Out Of Focus - Out Of Focus (1971)
While overshadowed by some of their contemporaries, Out Of Focus was actually one of the best German groups of the 1970's. Playing a kind of jazzy psychedelic rock, they created a unique, powerful sound that focused on extended jams, featuring organ, flute, and guitar. This is their second recording and is a very solid step towards their landmark album "Four Letter Monday Afternoon". I'll post that one sometime, the file size is huge! I wish my upload speed was a little better. Most fans of vintage progressive rock will enjoy this.


Gygafo - Legend Of The Kingfisher (1973)
A British group from Yorkshire, Gygafo recorded this material for the Holyground label in the early 70's and no album was released until the late 80's. They play a kind of dreamy acid-folk, sometimes whimsical, sometimes aggressive, that most people who like vintage progressive rock will find very appealing. If you've ever heard "Astral Navigations" also on Holyground, it's something like that. The story is their name comes from being told to "Get Your Gear And F@#k Off" by a pub-owner after an audition.


Mon Dyh - Am Galgen (1982)
This was the third and final album, and the best one, from Mon Dyh, and the only one that they sang in their native language, German. While this isn't really progressive rock, more like blues-based rock, I posted it because it's one of my favorite albums. So there. This is a great album. The musicianship shines, the production is flawless, and the songwriting is brilliant. I guess it is anyway, I have no idea what they're singing about LOL! The song "Salvador" (Their are 2 versions on this) sends chills up my spine, it's dramatic and uplifting. I wonder what it's about! Hope some of you give this a try.

Part 1 Part 2

Amon Düül II - Live In London (1973)
Not much to say about Amon Düül II is there? I mean these guys are legendary giants of Krautrock, and almost all their releases are essential. This one is absolutely necessary for any psychedelic/krautrock fan. This is nothing less than a blistering psychedelic assault, featuring live versions of songs from two of their best albums, "Yeti" and "Dance Of The Lemmings". Download this! Don't be a fool!!


Dies Irae - First (1971)
'First' is a heavy progressive effort owing much to Black Sabbath's debut album. Song titles such as 'Lucifer', 'Harmagedon Dragonlove', and 'Witches Meeting' display the groups interest in the dark side. The standout track for krautrock fans is sure to be the seven-minute freak out 'Trip'. Fans of the heavy progressive sound will find 'Lucifer' and 'Witches Meeting' to be the best cuts. 'Lucifer' contains an ultra aggressive guitar and harmonica riff slightly reminiscent of 'The Wizard' from 'Black Sabbath'. 'Witches Meeting', a long track encompassing numerous musical sections, contains a rocking guitar solo and a furious ending. As a whole, the album is a must for all Krautrock fans.


Audience - House On The Hill (1971)
This is a classic of progressive rock, a great album from a great band from the early 70's, now all but forgotten. The combination of Howard Werth's strong vocals, an electric guitar strung with nylon strings, the sax and flute of Keith Gemmell, together with the beat of Trevor Williams' stomping bass and Tony Connor's inventive drum work make this one of the best unknown albums of all time!

Led Zeppelin - Hotter Than The Hindenberg
Classic bootleg from Led Zeppelin!


The Three Stooges - Nonsense Songbook (1959)
My Thrift Store/Garage Sale/Bargain Bin Find of the week! Got the MCA reissue on cassette for 25 cents! Made some Mp3's of it, found a cover on the internet and we're all set. I defy anyone to be in a bad mood after listening to this thing!!


OK that's it then. Next week everybody!


Anonymous gogolemongol said...

What a post!!!As i love krautrock,your work is great,great,great.Thanx a big big lot.

2:12 AM, October 10, 2005  
Anonymous Hasse said...

Hi mate! Thanx for the great prog posts! Always love 'classic' prog & kraut. Thanx again, I'll be looking at your blog all the time.
If you like such stuff, hope the outfit Asia Minor won't dissapoint you. Thier 2nd album 'Between Flesh & Divine' is in the Camel vein.
Here's my up to RS:
no pw

3:28 AM, October 10, 2005  
Blogger verdantone said...

Well Hot Damn! I'm glad you got a new computer too, quite an update and quite a blog...keep it up!ydhxe

8:08 AM, October 10, 2005  
Blogger HEC said...

Hi my friend

Thanks for you blogg. Thanks for Ammon Dull and Focus (Wow!!!)


8:53 AM, October 10, 2005  
Anonymous J.T said...

Just to say thanks for this and all your previous hard work. Opened up some wonderful new Musical avenues. Most Appreciated

4:31 PM, October 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, pal. Cheers.

9:34 PM, October 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got your Brainticket post, well must be 20 years since a heard that last time on a bong session. Thank you!
If you're into Kraut you may also have heard of Guru Guru & Kraan. Kraan's my favourite since almost 30 years. It's no "rock", they did their own thing, more funky, groovy and psycedelic. Got most of their CD's and can post some if there's some interest.

1:30 PM, October 12, 2005  
Blogger GarColga said...

Anonymous I think that would be great! There seems to be plenty of interest in Krautrock. If you do post some I'll note it in the blog to check the comments for contributions. Post away!!

5:09 PM, October 12, 2005  
Blogger Poose McGoose said...

Some great stuff posted throughout! Just when you think you've heard all the good stuff Gygafo and Necronomicon melt your brain for the first time. Right now grooving to your prog and choco's garage, what a nice mix.

8:26 PM, October 13, 2005  
Anonymous Loopy C said...

8 days in October...of listening to this great (and growing) collection of kraut-prog-psyche. Seriously, I have been a fan and collector but missed out on most of these. I feel like I am back in my mom's garage ;-)

Man, if some Guru Guru shows up that would be excellent, I had 'Dance Of The Flames' and 'Don't Call Us, We'll Call You' but never heard any of the others.

The only thing missing is the 'Middle Earth' inspired hand made bong! Makes me wish I could find my copy of 'Scented Gardens Of The Mind' German sibling, 'Cosmic Dreams At Play' ;-) (though your notes for the albums presented are great, thanks for all your extra efforts to complete the experience, something growing rarer in todays disposable music world.)

2:08 AM, October 14, 2005  
Anonymous Chris Jennings, Somerset UK said...

Speaking as one who actually played keyboards on Brainchild's Healing of the Lunatic Owl Album I appreciate the review. I am still trying to find a copy in better condition than my two

2:35 PM, March 27, 2006  
Blogger Likedeeler said...

Still catching up. 2005. Can't believe I'm really doing this... ;

3:47 PM, February 22, 2009  

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