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Hello - this week finishes up the Texas International Pop Festival series, and there's a few other cool albums too - happy downloading and comments are appreciated - been kinda quiet in the comments section lately.

Texas International Pop Festival Vol. 10 - Ten Years After
1. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
2. I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes
3. Hobbit
4. Spoonful
5. I'm Goin' Home

Alvin Lee - guitar; Chick Churchill - organ;
Leo Lyons - bass; Ric Lee - drums

Part 1 Part 2

Texas International Pop Festival Vol. 11 - Sly & The Family Stone
1. Intro / M'Lady
2. Sing A Simple Song
3. You Can Make It If You Try
4. Stand / Love City / Higher
5. Everyday People
6. Dance To The Music / Music Lover
7. I Wanna Take You Higher / Jam

Sly Stone - organ; Rose Stone - electric piano;
Freddie Stone - guitar;
Cynthia Robinson - trumpet; Jerry Martin - sax;
Larry Graham - bass; Greg Errico - drums

Part 1 Part 2

Texas International Pop Festival Vol. 12 - Partial Sets Part 1
1. Intro
2. Are You Ready
3. Introduction
4. Waiting For You
5. Black Jack Davy
6. I've Been Loving You Too Long
7. May I Baby?
8. Tangier
9. Improvisation
10. Intro
11. Bullfrog Blues
12. Rollin' And Tumblin' / Jam
13. talk
14. Blind Owl Blues
15. speech

Part 1 Part 2

Texas International Pop Festival Vol. 13 - Partial Sets Part 2
1. We Got To Get Ourselves Together
2. The Ghetto
3. When The Battle Is Over
4. Things Get Better
5. Polk Salad Annie
6. Aspen Colorado
7. Can You See The Lightning
8. Roosevelt & Ira Lee
9. Hard To Handle
10. What's Wrong / Jam / What's Wrong
11. Why Oh Why

Part 1 Part 2

Bob Dylan - In Concert (1963)
Like old Bob Dylan? Me too! This awesome Dylan bootleg is taken from an acetate of an unreleased live album on Columbia Records. Great quality and a great performance.

1. Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie
2. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
3. Dusty Old Fairgrounds
4. John Brown
5. When The Ship Comes In
6. Who Killed Davy Moore?
7. Percy's Song
8. Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag
9. Seven Curses

Tracks 1, 3-4, 8: Town Hall, New York, April 12, 1963
Tracks 2, 5-7, 9: Carnegie Hall, New York, October 26, 1963


L.S. Bearforce - L.S. Bearforce (1983)
The L.S. here is Lotus Schmidt, who had been the drummer for German band Spacebox in the 70's. On this though he plays bass, giving the percussion duties to Guru Guru's Mani Neumeier and conga player Winfried Beck. Banging away on the guitar is Edmund Heimann , and rounding things out is Embryo's Edgar Hoffman on sax, flute, violin, and an Indian woodwind instrument called a nagaswaram. This sounds largely improvisational, and as usual Mani rocks the house - man what a good drummer! This was a vinyl rip I got a few months ago from Mystery Poster & Friends, so thanks to them! It came as one long .wav file, so I separated the tracks and worked them over with Adobe Audition. Came out pretty good I think.


Message - The Dawn Anew Is Coming (1972)
Although located in Germany, Message was basically a British band - only the bassist and drummer were German. They have been compared to Nektar, and in fact Nektar's Taff Freeman contributed vocals and plays mellotron on a cut or two. This is an excellent album, up there with the best of early 70's British melodic prog rock. I posted their second album, Of Books And Dreams, which is also great though a little on the darker side, on Sept. 19, 2005. Check the archives.


Pacific Sound - Forget Your Dream! (1972)
Pacific Sound were four guys from Switzerland who made just this one album which is a psychedelic classic. The music is not near as dark as the gruesome cover might suggest, though there are a couple tracks that remind you of the doomy side of early Procol Harum. Great organ playing throughout. Lotsa influences on this one, the first track really reminds me of something, but I can't place it. Ha! I just got it - Spencer Davis' "I'm A Man"!!


Muck Groh - Mucke Fuck (1979)
OK don't be shocked by the title - I don't speak German, but as far as I can tell "Mucke Fuck" is a treat of some kind, at least it seems to be something to eat! I could be wrong, I probably am. Maybe one of our German friends will tell us more. Anyway, the album - it's awesome! Muck Groh was a founding member of Ihre Kinder, who went on to form the great band Aera. This is some brilliant jazzy, quirky, eccentric rock performed by some excellent musicians. Gets better with each listen. For another great Muck Groh album check the archives for Jan. 28 2007 and download "Grotesk".


OK see you next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Garcolga,

"Mucke Fuck" is a german slang for grain coffee, it might derive from the french "Mocca faux".

Thanks for the nice tunes this week!


2:31 AM, June 24, 2007  
Anonymous Adam said...

Message and Pasific Sound are 2 prog-rock albums which I enjoy very much.Thanks.

2:46 AM, June 24, 2007  
Blogger andre said...

Hello Gargolca
Pazific Sound is great.I had this in bad Quality,Perfect.Also thanks for Message and your pretty good work.

11:43 AM, June 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Liam!
How are you doing?

Wish you be HEALTHY & HAPPY anywhere YOU are....


2:15 PM, June 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Liam, I've not had a chance to investigate your this week's posts but as a Cream fan I have to thank you for The Alternative Album and the Iron Claw album, which wasn't a bad listen at all. I still can't keep up with your music :-)
And - don't take this as a criticism - I just wanted to praise the excellence of VBR, as a lot of your posts are at 320 .... so, VBR = quicker to upload, less to download and less disk space (specially as regards mp3 players - mine has a small hard disk and I have to keep erasing or burn mp3 cd's to listen to all your goodies) and vbr is very good quality. Looks like you use EAC which can be difficult to configure, though you can rip to wave then use RazorLame plus Lame to encode or use Audiograbber (now free) with lame_enc.dll in its directory, which is a very easy program to configure. Just a thought. - Julie

2:34 PM, June 24, 2007  
Blogger GarColga said...

Hi Boggy - Coffee, eh? Well thanks for clearing that up!!

Hi Adam, thanks for the comment!

Hi Andre, thanks!

Hi Benham, I'm alright, hope you are doing well also.

Hi Julie, I don't always rip @ 320 - if I can keep a file under 100 megs by using VBR I do that. There are people who don't like VBR also. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

6:24 AM, June 25, 2007  
Blogger walknthabass said...

Hi Garcolga,

Thanks again for all the TX Pop Festival stuff!! Got a friend who went with me to it and his birthday is coming up soon. Boy! Will he be surprised!

Thanks again and again!!

7:12 PM, June 25, 2007  
Anonymous Roderick Verden said...

Dear Garcolga,
In your blog i found very rare albums like Mucke Fukh.
Thank you very much

8:23 AM, June 26, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Gar' and thanx for your always great posts !
Bloggy, you're maybe right about "Mocca faux" but it doesn't mean anything in french. We would have say "faux Moka" but even like that, I don't see... But it's not very important, isn't it ?


8:37 AM, June 26, 2007  
Blogger mad4music said...

Thanks again for the Texas International Pop Festival series. This is a great thing to be able to hear. I'm halfway through listening to all of them and loving it!

11:35 AM, June 27, 2007  
Anonymous Mr Pinkwhistle said...

Many thanks for the Texas International Pop Festival series in excellent sound for the period. Now I must get back to listening to the more obscure stuff you have exposed me too! You maintain an awesomely high standard.

3:23 AM, June 28, 2007  
Anonymous pereira said...

Many thanks for the first Toad album. Great guitar work, but I think the voice is a little bit weak. Anyway this LP stands as a real milestone in the history of European hard rock.
Thank you for sharing.

Greetings from Galiza

9:56 AM, June 28, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Garcolga,
Thanks again for the Texas Festival series. I'm disappointed that they didn't include The Nazz, but what can you do? It's great that at least 95% of it still made it on tape[and disc] so no complaints!!


3:33 PM, June 29, 2007  
Blogger GarColga said...

Hi walknthabass - You're welcome man again and again!

Hi Roderick - Glad you're finding things you want.

Hi Outerpsych - thanks for the comment!!

Hi mad4music - Thanks for taking the time to let me know you're enjoying them.

Hi Mr Pinkwhistle - An awesomely high standard! Thanks!!

Hi pereira - Greetings to Galiza, and thanks.

Hi D.Moose - Yeah the Nazz would have been great.

12:17 PM, July 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, you're incredible - I've been searching for Grotesk for more then 20 years now (no joke). Muck Groh played with his band in my hometown and I love all the records with Klaus Kreuzeder too. This Jazz-Rock-Kraut-Formation was called Aera (not the italian one) My favorite Album: "Area-Türkis. By the way, Muck Groh is an artist who made paintings and sculptures as well. For a long time he officially stopped playing the guitar but has some kind of comeback with "Neue Aera"
Have you ever heard of Grotesk 2, which also was a great one?

4:04 PM, November 30, 2007  
Blogger Heavypsychman said...

Hello Dude

Thanks for way great Quicksilver 2 CD

Love it

I put your blog in my links too.

A little way Heavy quality blog

12:24 PM, December 02, 2007  

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