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Arthur Lee & Love - Fillmore West 11-21-70
I got these files from Lossless Bootlegs 101 a while back, they're from a torrent that has been around a long time. I was real jazzed to find out that Love was such a rockin' live band, but disappointed in the quality of the files. The left channel on some tracks had a real muffled sound, one of the tracks had a major dropout, and one track was cut in half, with the last few seconds of the first half repeated at the beginning of the second half. I broke out my copy of Adobe Audition and over a couple weeks worked these tracks over in my spare time, did some channel mixing, some cutting, a little EQ'ing, and I'm pretty damn happy with the results. This flows seamlessly from beginning to end and the sound is much improved - it sounds great on my home stereo! The music is awesome, the players are great, the drummer especially. I wish the recording had been done better but from what I think is an audience recording we get a damn good listen to a great live band. Anyway you should check this out. Made the covers myself.

Early Show
1 Product Of The Times
2 Stand Out
3 Keep On Shining
4 Andmoreagain
5 Singing Cowboy
6 Good Times - Early Show Outro
Late Show
7 Late Show intro - Stand Out
8 Product Of The Times
9 Bummer In The Summer
10 Gotta Find Somebody
11 Signed D.C.
12 Slick Dick
13 Always See Your Face
14 Singing Cowboy

Arthur Lee - Guitar, Vocals
George Suranovich - Drums
Frank Fayad - Bass
Gary Rowles - Guitar

Separate FLAC's Homemade covers 290MB

Part 1__Part 2



Blogger flyra said...

great album - great songs - great effort!
thank you - i only hope that someday you will post some more of the krautrock gems i have learned to admire because of your blog

thanks and may the force be with you!

2:51 PM, December 07, 2009  
Blogger GarColga said...

Hi flyra - anything in particular you're wanting?

3:07 PM, December 07, 2009  
Blogger flyra said...

i'm hooked on 'out of focus'. I don't have their first album: wake up
i also like harmonia.
in fact, i developed an interest in krautrock by following your blog.
i have bought quite a few albums besides those i downloaded from you.


4:50 PM, December 07, 2009  
Blogger GarColga said...

OK dude I have that OOF somewhere. Check back later maybe next week!

5:06 PM, December 07, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


First I must say I havenot downloaded yet your post but
these tracks "Love - Fillmore West 11-21-70" are a kind of mystery to me.
Quiet a while ago I downloaded this concert from a blog and it was really great (in quality and music) but it was in mp3 (192 k or so), So I was happy to find this concert later in flac on another blog (who disappeared shortly after).
But I was really dissappointed, in the same way as you described it:muffeld sound,one track cut and so.
So I even deleted the flac files and kept the mp3 files because they sounded simply better and there was nothing like tracks cut and so.
So there must be two versions of this concert on the internet.
Here the link for the mp3 version if you like to hear.

ut nevertheless thanks for your efferts and for your blog in generell


4:00 AM, December 12, 2009  
Blogger GarColga said...

Hi Amondüül - I had this version on mp3 too, only it was @320. Supposedly. You're right it does sound better than the flac version I used. If I remember right Lossless Bootlegs 101 which is now gone had 2 flac versions of the show only the other had a different date and was missing a couple tracks. So there's probably a bunch of different versions of this floating around. Anyway thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

6:37 AM, December 12, 2009  
Blogger Rockhopper said...

Being a long-time admirer of Arthur Lee I was pretty curious of GarColga's restorational works and the MP3s of this
show, which I never before ran into.

The flac files appear to be from an intermediate mono resource, otherwise are almost pitch-identic to the MP3s, those unfortunately have a touch of overprocessing (compressor/limiter in different settings on both channels), but are potentially derived from a true 1970ies stereo recording ...

If anyone could point me to an early generation of this boot, I would gladly put some more work into it, this show really deserves to be archived in the best possible way.

Oh well, seasons' greetings to all, and keep up with the good work!

4:15 AM, December 15, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four of the Fillmore tracks were officially released on "Studio/Live" in the early 90's on One Way/MCA label. You can get it in lossless on Avax.

10:01 AM, June 11, 2010  
Blogger GarColga said...

Thanks Rockhopper

Hi Anon - thanks for the tip I just downloaded it!

1:33 PM, June 11, 2010  

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