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Troya - Point Of Eruption (1976)
"Troya is a quite obscure symphonic krautrock inspired German band that was formed in 1972 in Werne an der Lippe by Elmar Wegmann, Klaus Pannewig, Wilhelm Weischer. The band was first called Drastic. They changed the name and the line up to record symphonic psychedelic influenced music based principally on electric guitar, mellotron and vocals. The band disbanded during the end of the 1970s.

Influenced by classical and baroque music, in 1976 they released their unique self-financed album; Point of Eruption, with very little means. The disc has a very limited number of copies. It features enchanting melancholic music with long instrumental passages, mainly guitar and organ.

Troya had a lot of potential and talent but did not record in the best of conditions. It's a pity that the band released only one album. Very recommended to Krautrock, Space Rock and Symphonic progressive listeners, especially Pink Floyd and Eloy fans!" (

Track List:
01. She (5:46)
02. Battle Rock (7:58)
03. Chromatik (4:06)
04. Festival (3:48)
05. Sinclair (4:58)
06. Choke (5:58)

Line-up :
Elmar Wegmann - Guitar, Flute, Vocals
Klaus Pannewig - Drums, Glocken, Vocals
Wilhelm Weischer - Bass
Peter Savelsberg - Organ, Mellotron, and E-Piano


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all the work and time you spend uploading these gems!!


2:12 AM, June 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey men, first of all i want to thank you all the work you do every monday :D
But in this week upload I've seen this (well, mi trader little helper saw):

Troya - Point Of Eruption.flac: successfully decoded to 'Troya - Point Of Eruption.wav'.

No errors occured.

Troya - Point Of Eruption.wav: track looks like MPEG with probability 89%.

No errors occured.

So my question is: this week upload is a lossy format? I don't really care too much i just wanted to know

Thank You

6:16 AM, June 04, 2008  
Blogger GarColga said...

Hi anonymous - You're welcome.

Hi anonymous - This is a rip from a CD that I own, using EAC to get a single .wav image, then decoding to .flac using Flac Frontend

6:49 AM, June 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great album. Thanks a lot garcolga.


6:51 AM, June 05, 2008  

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