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Ejwuusl Wessahqqan - Ejwuusl Wessahqqan (1975)
"A German trio who supposedly took their bizarre name from the fanstasy/horror writer Clark Ashton Smith. Some of their music would make the perfect accompaniment to his strange fiction. This was a guitar-less, instrumental trio. Though they do make use of a unique, 7 stringed instrument called a "filouphon" to create an eastern sound. Their rare, privately pressed album featured 4 tracks. The first is classically oriented, with lots of bombastic organ, crashing drums and tolling bass. The great distorted organ sound recalls some of the jams that Deep Purple's Jon Lord coaxed from "the beast" on such live favorites as "Space Truckin'". Track 2 features the filouphon and is a droning, hypnotic piece of dissonant weirdness which might have your neighbors wondering about your sanity. The third piece is the only song under ten minutes and returns to classical structures featuring piano. The final track is the longest space rock drive - with squawking, distorted organ and classical and ethnic motifs that give way to weird pulses and drones. This manages to convey a voyage through space and time, though at 16 min.+ maybe taking too much space and time to convey it. The CD reissue features 2 more tracks by Ejwuusl in a similar style as well as 2 tracks by a later incarnation as the band Koala-Bar. These last 2 are lighter and more symphonic, with updated instrumentation. The first features english vocals. A raw, but inventive instrumental krautrock obscurity. This style can get monotonous in spots. If you can live with that and you like weird krautrock they are worth investigating. -- Tharsis" (New Gibraltar)

"One of those obscure lost privately produced relics from the early-1970's, and not surprisingly so with such an odd name! Ejwuusl Wessahqqan (a character from a sci-fi novel apparently) existed on the Munich scene for several years before they plucked up the courage to release an album. By the mid-1970's however, there was little chance of a major label record contract, so they decided to produce the record themselves, which was a mixed blessing in that they could do whatever music they liked, but it also meant that the recording quality wasn't up to professional standards. The band make a point of the fact that they were friends of Amon Düül II, though really the Ejwuusl Wessahqqan sound relates much closer to Egg (or even more so Arzachel) and Xhol, with their blending of trippy psychedelic space-rock, fusion and classical musics. Elsewhere influences from Embryo can be felt, and because of the raw edge to some of it, there are also hints of industrial music akin to German Oak or early Kraftwerk." (Crack In The Cosmic Egg)

Track List:
1 - Die geborstenen Kuppeln von Yethlyreom 10:37
2 - Die orangefarbene Wüste südwestlich von Ignarh 10:44
3 - Thuloneas Körper 02:59
4 - Hobbl-di-wobbl 16:35
5 - Passaceety (live 1976) 05:54
6 - AFN (live 1976) 11:14
7 - The crystal (1980) 04:20
8 - La mer (1980) 05:31

Michael Winzker - Organ, Piano
Jürgen Wollenburg - Percussion
René Filous - Bass, Filouphone


Part 1__Part 2__Part 3__Part 4__Part 5


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