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Satin Whale - Desert Places (1974)
"A late addition to the first wave of Krautrock, Satin Whale were no doubt influenced by many of the bands that had preceded them: Jane, Sahara, Os Mundi, et al., blending powerful rock ballads with dramatic instrumentals that featured classical and jazz elements, and a notable comparison with Camel and Canterbury bands, in the use of keyboards and flute.

Their debut on Brain DESERT PLACES is a fine example of this genre, featuring lengthy tracks with surging instrumentals, complex arrangements and quite an individual song style. The strong keyboards, flute and saxophone, all add up to an impressive concoction." (Crack In The Cosmic Egg)

"First album by this rather late Krautrock band was undoubtedly their very best one. Actually the only point of criticism one could quote is the fact that it might have sounded already a bit dated in its year of release. Being much in the vein of early Tull, Iron Butterfly, Cream or The Doors the tracks presented here are a wonderful demonstration of this early Art Rock or Proto-Prog style. The title song is the one reminding the most to Tull with a soaring flute and heavy organ. It's a very powerful and grooving one with a sort of psychedelic blues guitar play that's bringing Cream back to mind. "Seasons Of Life" is even in a stronger psychedelic vein, kinda The Doors meet Cream or Iron Butterfly, very groovin' stuff as well. This record doesn't let your foot stand still only for one second. Though it might be not considered as that much progressive for the year of 1974. (

1. Desert Places (6:48)
2. Seasons Of Life (6:41)
3. Remember (9:38)
4. I Often Wondered (7:15)
5. Perception (12:56)

Thomas Brück - Bass, Vocals
Gerald Dellmann - Keyboards
Dieter Roesberg - Guitars, Saxophone,Flute, Vocals
Horst Schöffgen - Drums

EAC-Separate FLACs-log-cue-covers 290MB

Part 1__Part 2__Part 3__Part 4

Mp3 @ 320




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Hi Phil, you're welcome!

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Thanks dude,this is the best(hotroder).

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