Monday, February 22, 2010

Climax Blues Band - The Harvest Years 69-72
"Following on the spurs of the British Blues Boom at the end of the sixties was The Chicago Climax Blues Band, shortly after shortened to Climax Blues Band, a little bit underrated and often overlooked band with among others a really outstanding guitarplayer Peter Haycock (who left the band in the beginning of the eighties). This album is a compilation of the highlights from their 3 years (EMI) Harvest-label period, in which short time 5 studio-albums saw the daylight, from which all the songs here are culled. The LP dates from 1975 and had 11 songs on it, this is now on CD expanded to 16. There is an ear for everyone. From straight blues ("Please Don't Help Me", the instrumental "Flight") to heavy rock ("Reap What I Sowed", with soarin guitarplay, "You Make Me Sick") till catchy acoustic folk-pop tinged tunes like "Mole on the Dole" and "That's All", wich proves that this band is undeserved underestimated. They knew how to write and perform a song and also how to play live (hear for yourself on the also excellent "FM/Live" concertalbum, recorded in one take). As a start to get known to this band may serve this compilation. I am sure that upon repeated listening you not only will enjoy this but also make you look out for the original studioalbums which are on CD available (some of which have also bonustracks) and maybe take an interest in their later efforts. This is alltime great music from a great band. They do still exist these days but have only one or two original members, if I am well informed. But from the time way back this album is a fitting document of how good this band actually was. Strongly recommended, even after more than 30 years." (J. Talsma

1. Please Don't Help Me
2. Hey Baby, Everything's Gonna Be Alright Yeh Yeh Yeh
3. Everyday
4. Towards the Sun
5. You Make Me Sick
6. Reap What I've Sowed
7. Shake Your Love
8. Looking for My Baby
9. Flight
10. Mole on the Dole
11. That's All
12. Take Out Some Insurance
13. Wee Baby Blues
14. Crazy 'Bout My Baby
15. Alright Blue
16. Cut You Loose

Colin Cooper - Harmonica, Clarinet, Saxophone, Vocals
John Cuffley - Drums
Peter Filleul - Keyboards, Vocals
Peter Haycock - Guitar, Vocals
Derek Holt - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Richard Jones - Keyboards
George Newsome - Drums
Art Wood - Keyboards

Part 1__Part 2__Part 3



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