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Emma Myldenberger - Emma Myldenberger (1978)
"Initially formed by a number of street musicians in Hirschberg, 1977, with the desire to create something more than just folk music, Emma Myldenberger quickly established a rich folk-rock style, totally acoustic, featuring female vocals and a penchant for blending in many other ethnic musics than just German folk. Really, their eponymous debut was much like a throw back to the progressive Kraut-folk albums of several years earlier, akin to Bröselmaschine, Hölderlin or Emtidi, yet with an otherworldly medieval feel, embellished by Middle-Eastern ethnic musics, notably with Biber Gullatz's distinctive oboe playing, their concoction was unique. Especially, it was amazing in that everything was acoustic!

The second album, TOUR DE TRANCE, with considerably longer tracks and much more instrumental interplay, broke even more ground with a uniquely styled music that even went beyond the pioneering music of Between or the Third Ear Band, mysteriously ethnic and medieval, not really rock but with a lively rock energy, and an abundance of solos, surprising for what was still a totally acoustic ensemble. Emma Myldenberger were indeed pioneers that were pushing beyond the frontiers of established progressive, folk and world musics. But, for some unknown reason, they split before the end of the decade.

Three Emma Myldenberger members later became the nucleus of the equally innovative Radio Noisz Ensemble. Biber Gullatz is nowadays much sought after as a session musician, working in jazz, ethnic and new-age musics." (Crack In The Cosmic Egg)

01 - Narrentantz
02 - Oboenstück
03 - Emmarokkoko
04 - Unter Der Linden
05 - Fraw Emma Myldenberger
06 - Opus IV
07 - Eines Morgen
08 - In Meines Vaters Garten
09 - Colchiques
10 - Emma Myldenberger
11 - Ein Mädchen, Das Ins Wasser Fällt
12 - Polka
13 - Sauflied

Anne Goßlau - Violin, Flute, Banjo, Vocals
Biber Gullatz - Oboe, Flute, Crumhorn, Guitar, Ocarina, Glockenspiel, Vocals
Gaby Kinscherf - Vocals, Flute, Glockenspiel, Percussion
Michel Meyer - Guitar, Mandolin, Autoharp, Vocals
Reines Pauker - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Topsi Tkacz - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Sepp Niemeyer - Drums, Bongos
Wastl Gassert - Congas, Percussion

EAC-Separate FLACs-Log-Cue-Scans 365 MB (Thanks to Original Releaser)

Part 1__Part 2__Part 3

Mp3 @ 320

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great stuff. thanks

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You're welcome, Chang & Eng!

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