Sunday, August 15, 2010

Black Sabbath - In Concert Paris 12-19-70
Not much to say about Black Sabbath I suppose. This is an excellent quality mono soundboard recording of the band doing an inspired performance of songs from their first two albums. If you haven't listened to any old Black Sabbath lately (like me), this is a real treat. I mean, these guys started a style of rock music that has had many imitators and is still going strong today, 40 years later. Motherfuck! It still hasn't got better than their second album, Paranoid!! Thanks to the original releaser from so long ago.

1. Paranoid
2. Hand Of Doom
3. Iron Man
4. Black Sabbath
5. N.I.B.
6. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
7. War Pigs
8. Fairies Wear Boots

Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
Tony Iommi - Guitars
Bill Ward - Drums
Geezer Butler - Bass



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sabbath.
A few of your rips are on other sites,too lazy even to update the tags.
How annoying !.
Cheers mate,


11:06 PM, August 15, 2010  
Blogger GarColga said...

Hotroder I see my stuff on Avax, that kind of thing doesn't bother me any more, people have been doing that to me and everybody else since I first started this blog! Once I joined a 'private' forum only to find that half the stuff was from my blog.

7:37 AM, August 16, 2010  
Anonymous smokin' bob said...

I've loathed BS since I was a kid,but for some reason felt drawn to listen to this. Holy shit, I like it! Excellent quality helps and Paranoid sounds like a punk band!! The wonders of the universe, huh! Thanks for the upload mate.

7:43 AM, August 20, 2010  
Blogger GarColga said...

Hello smokin' bob you are doomed now!

4:11 PM, August 20, 2010  

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