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Emtidi - Saat (1972)
"An odd duo, of Canadian Dolly Holmes and German Maik Hirschfeldt, Emtidi's roots are most obviously in traditional folk, and the music of Bob Dylan or Donovan, et al., but they were highly original too.

By the time of their debut album Emtidi were no longer a conventional folk duo. Though very lyrical and totally acoustic, they had moved on and developed a style uniquely their own, a trippy folk-based music with an ethereal kind of cosmic edge. It is comparable in its innovation to, say, Pentangle's BASKET OF LIGHT, yet the Teutonic oddness of it all makes for a different experience.

Being in Berlin at the time, they soon caught the attention of enthusiastic Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser who signed them up for his then "new German folk-music label" Pilz. The album SAAT was a truly progressive folk masterpiece, with the beautiful "English" vocals of Dolly Holmes and occasionally the contrastingly Teutonic voice of Maik Hirschfeldt, in a richly textured music featuring multi-guitars, keyboards and electronics, elevated cosmic progressive of a refined and most magical kind, beyond the realms of early Bröselmaschine or Hölderlin, towards Klaus Schulze even!

Relocating to Munich and with an expanded line-up, including Rudi Haunreiter (later of Peter Frohmader's Nekropolis) and others, Emtidi continued with an expanding roster of material for several years, yet unfortunately never got to record any further albums." (Crack In The Cosmic Egg)

1. Walkin' In The Park
2. Träume
3. Touch The Sun
4. Love Time Rain
5. Saat
6. Die Reise

Maik Hirschfeldt - Guitars, Bass, Synthesizer, Flute, Cymbals, Vibes, Drums, Vocals
Dolly Holmes - Organs, Pianos, Mellotron, Spinet, Vocals
Dieter Dierks - Percussion, Bass, Mellotron

NOT MY RIP - Separate FLAC files, Front & Back Covers 220 MB

Part 1__Part 2__Part 3



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