Friday, December 11, 2009

Out Of Focus - Wake Up (1970)
"Amazing kraut-jazz alien that is completely devoted to ferocious rocking jams. In an explosive combination of sounds, the band conciliates heavily bluesy guitars, free folk and propulsive organs. "See how a white negro flies" is a great introduction track for tripped out psychedelic guitars, including nice keyboard arrangements and stoned pop voice, a very efficient, energetic composition. "God save the Queen, cried Jesus" follows the same musical schema, for a super dynamic hybrid. "Hey John" is a calmer improvisation with some enchanting flute lines and a good rhythmical section. "No name" goes back to a heavy acid rocking trip but it is not so surprising. "World's end" is an other explosive kraut-jazz standard, featuring a nice groove. A lot of varieties and gorgeously psychedelic, sonic infiltrations! Simply brilliant!" (Philippe,

1. See How A White Negro Flies (5:48)
2. God Saved The Queen, Cried Jesus (7:28)
3. Hey John (9:35)
4. No Name (3:06)
5. World's End (9:55)
6. Dark, Darker (11:37)

Remigius Drechsler - Guitar
Hennes Hering - Keyboards
Moran Neumüller - Vocals, Saxophones
Klaus Spöri - Drums
Stefan Wisheu - Bass

Not my rip: Thanks to original releaser

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Blogger flyra said...

i can't find the words to thank you!
let me just say that i owe you one

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Thanks is enough!

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