Monday, January 28, 2008

Wow I'm sick of winter already!

Popol Vuh - Affenstunde (1970)
OK first off I admit I haven't been able to listen to this all the way through - life is too short! The first album from one of the stalwarts of krautrock hasn't aged well, in my humble opinion. What may have seemed experimental and groundbreaking at one time now sounds like some guy (Florian Fricke of course) fiddling around with an old Moog synth. Even the bits that have percussion aren't helped by it. The story goes that Mr. Fricke sold the Moog to Klaus Schultze, who made better use of it. This is just my opinion of course and I offer it because some of you will probably enjoy this. Go for it.

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Sharks - First Water (1973)
First album from this early 70's minor supergroup featured Chris Spedding on guitar, ex-Free bassist Andy Fraser, "Snips" on vocals, and an American, Marty Simon, on drums. Good early 70's blues-based rock, with a Bad Company/Free/Mott The Hoople vibe. Unfortunately there was no hit on this, and the cover art was pretty lame, so it probably didn't sell too well - Fraser left the band shortly after it was released. Spedding's guitar parts are brilliant, what a great player.

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Salem Mass - Witch Burning (1971)
In 1971 four guys from southwest Idaho (!) made an album that will appeal to almost any fan of early 70's hard rock. These guys were terrific musicians and the keyboard player really knew what to do with that Moog! The guitar bits are great. Not as 'dark' as the title might suggest though the material is fairly dark and brooding. Great vocals, except maybe on the title track, but they seem to fit the music. Even the slower more melodic material is very appealing. Great garagey 70's hard rock.

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Ten Wheel Drive - Construction No. 1 (1969)
Ten Wheel Drive were a great jazzy rock band fronted by a female singer, Genya Ravan, who sounded something like Janis Joplin. The band was tight, the arrangements were great, and they made some real gutsy rock and roll. They rocked way harder that better known similar groups like Chicago or Blood Sweat and Tears, it's a shame their music seems to have been forgotten.

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Tyburn Tall - Tyburn Tall (1972)
Tyburn Tall was a fieve piece band from Speyer, Germany, who played varied styles of progressive rock - sometimes jazzy/bluesy, classical-sounding, sometimes heavy and complex, sometimes atmospheric. Keyboard based material with a guitarist who is no slouch. Mostly long tracks over ten minutes, with some interplay between the keyboards and the guitar that is very cool. Two bonus tracks are Colosseum covers.

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Monday, January 21, 2008


Popol Vuh- Hosianna Mantra (1972)
Hosianna Mantra was Popol Vuh's third album and marked a change in musical direction - the synthesizers are gone. Mostly piano-based, the tracks on this album are spiritual and meditative, with shimmering guitars, angelic female vocals and complex arrangements creating dream-like soundscapes. Not really New Age, but may be too New Age-y for some. Very beautiful.

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Spooky Tooth - It's All About (1968)
Spooky Tooth's first album is a satisfying combination of cover tunes, R & B, and late-sixties British psychedelia. You can get a sense of the greatness that is to come on their next album, Spooky Two. Sorry no bonus tracks.

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The Move - Message From The Country (1971)
This was The Move's swansong album, the first ELO release came just a couple months after this came out. The whole thing has a very relaxed kind of feel to it, and the tunes run a gamut including crunchy hard rock, Beatle-ish pop, a country western parody, elegant harmonies, whatever. Their best album in my humble opinion. This is the remastered version with some great bonus tracks.

Bitrate 320 w/scans Part 1 Part 2

Samuel Prody - Samuel Prody (1971)
Samuel Prody was a band, not a guy, and they left behind only one album. This is one sweet album of bluesy British psychedelia. The first track is a tune (Who Will Buy) from the 1968 musical Oliver! that in their hands is definitely not corny. Well maybe a little. Very enjoyable listen with some heavy duty riffing, nice harmonies and good songs. Even drum solos!

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Murphy Blend - First Loss (1970)
Hailing from Berlin, Murphy Blend was a heavy duty jazzy prog band led by a classically trained keyboard player. Lots of chunky organ riffs and some fine guitar playing. Vocals in English. After this album, some members showed up in Hanuman and Blackwater Park. Very nice.

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Monday, January 14, 2008


Can - Box Music (Live 1971-1977)
This awesome 2 Cd set has 9 tracks culled from archival material by Michael Karoli. I think some of these might be audience tapes, but the sound quality is excellent. Includes some familiar material, and a few tracks (Jynx, Fizz, Colchester Finale & Kata Kong) that were played spontaneously on stage with no rehearsal!

Bitrate 320 w/scans Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Assagai - Assagai (1971)
Assagai was a group of South African and Nigerian exiles living in Britain, the only black group ever signed to the Vertigo label - possibly in an attempt to capitalize on the success of Osibisa. Very good "Afro-Rock" that needs to be played loud! Maybe you'll start dancing around the house. Interesting cover of "Hey Jude" which is sung in some African language. Upbeat, ethnic, jazzy rock.

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Nosferatu - Nosferatu (1970)
Nosferatu had a short career, only this one album. Afterwards a couple members went on to Epsilon. This is raw, heavy, dark, jazzy progressive rock with maybe some psychedelic touches. The singer is brilliant, and there are great lashings of guitar, keyboards, sax and flute.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

As leno says, ain't it fun!! Hoo boy what a pain in the ass. Well I'm right in the middle of reinstalling all my programs and setting windows up just the way I like it, so I don't have all that much time this week. I'll just post the albums and you can get the info on them from the net. Not that my little blurbs are very helpful anyway hehe.

Camel - Under Age (1969)
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Embryo - Rocksession (1973)
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Locomotive - We Are Everything You See (1970)
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Jerry Berkers - Unterwegs (1972)
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OK see ya!