Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fleetwood Mac - Kiln House (1970)
Kiln House was recorded after Peter Green left the band, and rather than rush out and get another hot-shot guitarist, the rest of the group made an album with the remaining line-up. This is an awesome album of 70's British rock made by a band in transition - after this album Jeremy Spencer would quit, Christine McVie would become an official member, and Bob Welch would join, to last for the next five albums. Buckingham/Nicks were five years in the future. Fleetwood Mac was no longer a blues band but a band that played rootsy, rockin' music. Not to mention some of the songs are just beautiful. Greatly aided by the rock-solid rhythm section of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, the driving forces on Kiln House were the songwriting and guitar playing of Danny Kirwan and Jeremy Spencer. The one song they wrote together, "Station Man", is so damn good and there's guitar bits that really get to me. "Jewel Eyed Judy" also has some heart stopping guitar on it. Oh screw it every song is great in it's own way I love the whole album. In my opinion this is Fleetwood Mac's best album and it's a shame this line-up didn't last long enough to make some more recordings. This is an album that might appeal to people who aren't particularly fond of the blues or pop eras of this great band. My only complaint about this album that I listen to a lot - too damn short!

1. This Is The Rock
2. Station Man
3. Blood On The Floor
4. Hi Ho Silver
5. Jewel Eyed Judy
6. Buddy's Song
7. Earl Grey
8. One Together
9. Tell Me All The Things You Do
10. Mission Bell

Mick Fleetwood - Drums
John McVie - Bass
Danny Kirwan - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Spencer - Guitar, Vocals, Piano
Christine McVie - Vocals, Album Art


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Midnight Circus - Midnight Circus (1972)
"An obscure folky progressive from the early-1970's. Although their debut single wasn't so hot, their move to the LP format saw them blossom considerably. It would seem as though the idea behind Midnight Circus, being a duo with the aid of session musicians, was to emulate the cosmic folk of acts on Pilz like Witthüser+Westrupp, but with an internationally appealing English vocal bias. A success indeed, but also a touch rockier and strongly influenced by Dieter Dierks' involvement in the sessions. The atmospheric tracks featuring Mellotron also recall The Moody Blues and early King Crimson. Christian Bollmann has since become an accomplished ethno-musicologist, moving into the more ethereal realms of the new-age, and working as the duo Christian Bollmann & Michael Reimann." (Crack In The Cosmic Egg)

"A very obscure and difficult to locate album produced in Germany in the early-70's. This is a dreamy progressive folk album that appears to be a duo augmented by sessions musicians (in the manner of Witthuser + Westrupp but with vocals sung in English). The album does venture out into a tougher rock sound at times while at others it will float on a bed of mellotron sound which hazily recalls the sound of early King Crimson or The Moody Blues. A very interesting and rare album which is well worth a listen." (freakemporium)

1. The Light
2. I Had A Dream
3. November Church
4. Mr. Clown
5. Indian Impression
6. Disappointed Love
7. Meditation
8. Coloured Is Gay
9. Get It

Christian Bollmann - Vocals, Guitars, Trumpet, Recorders
Torsten Schmidt - Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Engel - Drums
Veit Madaus - Keyboards
Dave Crocket - Bass
Rainer Marz - Guitar
Jan van Roosendahl - Guitar
Peter Hauke - Drums, Percussion


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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free - Unbroadcast BBC (1968-1971)
Another great bootleg from my stash, I'm pretty sure I got this from Pink Robert a few years back. Despite the title, only a few tracks on this weren't broadcast. Whatever, this is an awesome collection of BBC tracks from this British band. Mono, but very good sound quality.

1. Waiting On You
2. Broad Daylight
3. I'm A Mover
4. Song Of Yesterday
5. Fire And Water
6. All Right Now
7. My Brother Jake
8. Ride On Pony #1
9. Ride On Pony #2
10. Ride On Pony #3
11. Be My Friend #1
12. Be My Friend #2
13. Get Where You Belong
14. The Hunter
15. Woman
16. Free Me
17. Remember

Track 1: July 21, 1968
Tracks 2-4: March 17, 1969
Tracks 5-6: June 4, 1970
Tracks 7: studio take
Tracks 8-13: April 27, 1971
Tracks 14-17: December 8, 1969

Separate Flacs, front & back covers 495 MB

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Yardbirds - Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page (1968)
I guess everyone knows the story of how Jimmy Page killed the original release on Epic records one day after being released. I kinda understand his concerns - the producer screwed up royally by adding crowd noises, Keith Relf's vocals-probably not his best night. The recording possibly could have been done better. Plus the first Led Zeppelin album was about to be released. All that aside though, Jimmy Page and his guitar totally smoke on this. The combination of a Telecaster and Vox amps give a tone that at times is so sweet that even in Led Zeppelin's heyday Page never sounded better. Every song is great, every song totally rocks. The 12 minute version of of "I'm a Man" - Wow! I'm thrilled to get this as a legitimate release, I'm sure Page's legal team is already trying to stop distribution on this. Anyway this might be one of the greatest guitar albums ever - Page is young, hungry, and on top of his game here. This is the 2008 release from Lost Diamonds The two bonus tracks, I'm not sure where they come from, one guy on Amazon says the Olympia Theater in Paris, same year.

1. The Train Kept A-Rollin'
2. You're A Better Man Than I
3. I'm Confused
4. My Baby
5. Over Under Sideways Down
6. Drinking Muddy Water
7. Shape Of Things
8. White Summer
9. I'm A Man
bonus tracks:
10. My Baby
11. I Wish You Would

Jimmy Page - Guitar
Keith Relf - Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Chris Dreja - Bass
Jim McCarty - Drums, vocals


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Monday, March 02, 2009

Curved Air - Stark Naked (1975-1976)
Sorry despite the title there are no nude photos of Sonja Kristina in the artwork. I wish! Stark Naked is one of the song titles.This great sounding bootleg consists of ten tracks recorded live for the BBC in '75 and '76. A must-have for all fans of this band. Got this from a torrent a few years back, pretty sure it was from Pink Robert - so thanks PR!

1. Marie Antoinette
2. The Fool
3. Midnight Wire
4. Woman On A One Night Stand
5. Stark Naked
6. Woman On A One Night Stand
7. Young Mother
8. Kids To Blame
9. Hot And Bothered
10. The Fool

Tracks 1-4: BBC, January 31, 1975
Tracks 5-10: BBC, February 21, 1976

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