Monday, May 26, 2008

Necronomicon - Tips zum Selbstmord (1972)

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OK I know this is huge, almost 500 MB- the bonus tracks almost double the size of the album, but it's well worth it. This is an awesome slice of dark sinister krautrock.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Soho Orange - Soho Orange (1971)
Recorded in 1971 at the same Scottish studio that gave us albums by the slightly better-known groups Tentacle and Bodkin, this never had a release. The tapes were found in the late 80's, one story says they were found in a shed! Released in 1991 on the same German label that gave us the first German Oak album, this is some very good early 70's hard rock somewhat in the Budgie vein though much sludgier. Unfortunately not much seems to be known about this group - I have had no luck finding a listing of the musicians, or any info that is not on the back cover. One track is over 10 minutes, the other five clock in around 5 to 6 minutes. Anyway, not the greatest album ever made, but an obscure gem that will appeal to most lovers of early 70's rock.


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Monday, May 12, 2008

German Oak - German Oak (1972)
Talk about "Underground"!

In 1972 five Germans from Düsseldorf took their instruments and some recording gear and actually did go underground, into an old air raid shelter, in an attempt to capture with their music what it must have been like for the ordinary German soldier in the waning days of World War II. It seems they were somewhat successful, the feelings of hopelessness and despair are almost palpable. Long jammy tracks, filled with great lashings of garagey, fuzzed-out guitar. This thing is dark, primitive, brutal - and great!

One note - for some reason Witch & Warlock put the three 'bonus' tracks at the beginning. The album actually starts with track four, "Airalert", so that might be a good place to start listening.

Another note - The last few seconds of the first track, where it sounds like a tape that's been crinkled, that's the way it is on the CD. You could always use an editing program to trim the end or fade it out before you burn or something.

Track List:
1. Swastika Rising (4:55)
2. The Third Reich (10:18)
3. Shadows Of War: a) Rain Of Destruction b) V1 To London (5:54)
4. Airalert (1:50)
5. Down In The Bunker (17:51)
6. Raid Over Duesseldorf (16:02)
7. 1945 - Out Of The Ashes (2:14)

Wolfgang Franz Czaika - Lead- & Rhythm guitar.
Ullrich Kallweit - Drums, Percussion
Harry Kallweit - Electric bass, voice.
Manfred Uhr - Organ/fuzz-organ, voice
Norbert Luckas - Guitars & noises


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Monday, May 05, 2008

Peter Bursch und die Bröselmaschine - Bröselmaschine 2 (1975)
I posted this thing twice as MP3 files - the first one had bad synch errors, so I got a different rip from a friend on SoulSeek, and that one had synch errors too! That's one thing I don't like about Mp3 files - you have no idea how they were ripped, or if somebody messed with the bitrate, or what crappy software they used. Well I bought the damn thing, it's not that easy to get, so here's a first-class rip. Most of the .flacs I'll post will be as a single .flac image with .EAC log and a .cue file - plus high quality scans. I don't have time to educate people on how to burn these files but feel free to post questions in the comments and we will see what happens. FLAC files are for burning, not for listening to on your computer or iPod.

If you want individual tracks (burn disc-at-once) use the CUE Splitter located in the links section.

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