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Steppenwolf - Early Steppenwolf (1969)
This is actually Canadian band Sparrow who migrated to Los Angeles and then ended up in San Francisco where they were active in the ballroom scene there, before becoming Steppenwolf and finding great success. Reviews are mixed on this, with nobody saying this is the greatest album ever and one guy saying "This Sucks"! Well I'm gonna ignore him, because 1) What does he know? and 2) I paid good money for this long-out-of-print CD, and 3) it's actually a pretty cool album. The Sparrow was a lot more bluesy than Steppenwolf, and these live tracks have a real loose garagey feel about them. I'm thinking these guys were stoners (!) and maybe missed a few practice sessions around this time. It was the "Summer of Love" after all. Apparently the owner of The Matrix recorded a few shows without the guys in Sparrow even knowing it, so if nothing else this is an unvarnished slice of hippie history.

"Listen to this CD, and hear history in the making. While this CD has a rough, garage-band sound, it also has undeniable power. The talent behind the music is obvious. Here is a chance to listen to some early versions of later classics (Power Play, Tighten Up Your Wig, Corinna, Corinna and The Pusher). The CD starts out with a slower, bluesier version of Power Play than the one on Monster. Howling Wolf's Howling for My Baby is guaranteed to make you want to move, or at least to tap your foot. Another standout is a beautiful version of Corinna, Corinna that I believe is far superior to the version on Steppenwolf Live. It starts with an amazing guitar riff and also has a nice guitar break. The CD winds up with an extremely extended version of The Pusher, which is mostly just improvisation. Get this CD and hear the beginnings of one of the most influential bands in rock." (

1. "Power Play" (Kay) – 2:55
2. "Howlin' for My Darlin'" (Dixon, Howlin' Wolf) – 4:53
3. "I'm Going Upstairs" (Hooker) – 7:14
4. "Corina, Corina" (Arranged and Adapted by John Kay) – 3:54
5. "Tighten up Your Wig" (Kay) – 3:14
6. "The Pusher" (Hoyt Axton) – 21:27

John Kay - Guitar, Vocals, Liner Notes
Mars Bonfire - Guitar
Nick St. Nicholas - Bass
Jerry Edmonton - Drums
Goldie McJohn - Keyboards, Organ


Part 1__Part 2__Part 3

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