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Peter Frohmader - Kanaan Live 1975
Ok first off this is not for everybody only for the musically adventurous. Don't put this on at a party - unless you want most of the people to leave. This performance by Kanaan (only one of a few outlets for Frohmader's music) is experimental and avant-garde. Very atmospheric, with doom and gloom holding sway, there are touches of jazz fusion, free jazz and maybe even a little rock.
"Peter Frohmader is an innovator of the second generation of German electronic music. Different from most electronic music artists, he is only marginally influenced by the cosmic sound of Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze. His music leads to the underworld and creates a sinister and nightmarish atmosphere. Frohmader has released numerous albums, but most of them came out on little labels, so they did not gain the attention they deserved.

Already a pupil, Peter Frohmader started to record tapes with alienated sounds in the early ’70s and later formed amateur bands like Kanaan and Alpha Centauri. In 1981, he released his first LP, Musik Aus dem Schattenreich. Frohmader got his inspiration from movies like Nosferatu, books of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, and the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. So it is not surprising that especially the early works are very dark and disturbing. The excessive use of bass guitars beside the electronics is striking.

Peter Frohmader is also a talented painter and studied art and graphic design. His mystic airbrush paintings often were used for record covers. The famous Swiss artist H.R. Giger, creator of the alien monster in the movie of the same name, became attentive to him and they co-operated on his film Second Celebration of the Four. Music for TV movies and documentaries followed.

Besides his solo albums, Peter Frohmader has worked with musicians of Amon Düül, Embryo, and Emtidi. In the early ’90s, two albums were released in the United States and focused the attention of a wider public to his music. Later works withdrew from the ghostly music of the early days and integrate elements of ambient, neo-classical, and new age music. Peter Frohmader collaborated with guitarist Richard Pinhas of French band Heldon and Russian composer Artemiy Artemiev and had various exhibitions of his graphic art and releases several albums of his own music." (Klaus Kehrle, All Music Guide)
"Peter Frohmader is one of most interesting and not ordinary persons of our time. Composer, multi-instrumentalist musician, an artist, Peter is one of key figures in modern musical culture. He is considered to be the experimenter-workaholic, the author of ten solo projects and numerous collaboration works with Richard Pinhas, Michael Fuchs-Gambock, Andreas Merz, Iva Bittova, Chris Karrer, Kanaan and Russian composer Artemiy Artemiev. His musical career started in the beginning of 70-s when he began playing with such collectives as “Apha Centauri” (avant-garde music), “Electronic Delusion” (electronic experimental music), “Kanaan” (jazz-rock/electronic music). The certain communications with German “underground” movement (which representatives scooping their inspiration in Christensen’s and Murneau’s cult films) are traced in Peter Frohmader’s activity. Peter’s music is mystically gloomy, chaotic and avalanche. His stylistics, a manner of presentation of sound material, wielding of the instrument, performing techniques bewitched the listener. You can like or dislike his music but it will never leave you indifferent and all that was created by Frohmader for to-day or will be created in future always will be interesting for the fans of serious art. Music of this very talented German composer will take a worthy place in history tables of modern musical culture." (

1. Bizarro
2. Rupscake
3. Spaced Out
4. Muzak Für Beknacte
5. Starnberger Prinzenschießen
6. Flash Gelee
7. Bulla-Bulla
8. Paranoia Frame

Peter Frohmader - Fretless Bass, Electronics, Gong, Voice
Uwe Rüdiger - Drums, Trumpet, Voice
Michael Schobert - Fender Rhodes Piano, Keyboards, Voice


Part 1__Part 2__Part 3



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"Don't put this on at a party - unless you want most of the people to leave"

May we have a warranty on this statement? ;-)

Recommended anyway, 10 out of 10 stars.

4:23 AM, December 15, 2009  
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Hi Garcolga!
Always continues in them to bring these wonders.

5:27 PM, December 18, 2009  
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Hello Rockhopper & Guru!

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