Tuesday, June 16, 2009

18 Karat Gold - All-Bumm (1973)
"Only two copies available of this long gone re-issue of the only album by the Lothar Meid led 18 Karat Gold. This 1974 release is very much like late '70's Amon Düül II and indeed 9. features band members who would all work with Amon Düül II at some time or another. A slick production and some great spacey moments sit along side more pop based material. Not a bad album if you like the more commercial material Amon Düül II produced in the mid to late '70's. Housed in a beautiful embossed gold, black plastic case." (freakemporium)

"An early supergroup borne out of the prolific Munich scene fronted by American-German Klaus Ebert. The idea behind 18 Karat Gold seems to have been to present Krautrock in a commercial dilute form to the pop public, but not surprisingly, the idea didn't work on any level, and the band barely lasted a year. Much of the time 18 Karat Gold made their living by working as pop singer Peter Maffay's backing band. Their sole album contained a few minor surprises, but considering the calibre of the musicians, it is generally a disappointing and rather average record, hinting at the direction Amon Düül II were to take in the late 1970's." (Crack In The Cosmic Egg)

1. Going Home
2. Come On Monday
3. Flying
4. Goldrush
5. Star-Eyed
6. Dr. Stein (5%)
7. Elektric Infected
8. I Am Just A Man
9. See Me In Your Dreams
10. If My Guru Would Know
11. Cool

Lothar Meid - Bass
Jörg Evers - Rhythm Guitar
Klaus Ebert - Solo Guitar
Keith Forsey - drums


Note: The packaging didn't lend itself to scanning, being a solid black jewel case with gold-embossed graphics, but I did find some good covers on the web.

Part 1__Part 2__Part 3



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