Friday, June 19, 2009

Virus - Revelation (1971)
"Originating from Bielefeld in Northern Germany, the roots of Virus go back to the early-1960's, with Bernd Hohmann in the school band The Moonbirds, later joining up with Man's World, a rock 'n' soul band, who gradually transmuted into Virus circa 1970. Another Virus root starts in 1966, with Wolfgang Rieke of the award winning Percy & The Gaolbirds. All the founding members were experienced talents and well-known musicians of the Westphalia region.

Virus were justly one of the most legendary of Krautrock bands, notably in that their debut took the Pink Floyd type of space-rock sound onto new uncharted realms. REVELATION was aptly titled, being full of invention and surprises within long tracks that sported extensive guitar work-outs, swirling organ, free-riffing and lots of interactive musical interplay, no less so that on the very free adaptation of "Paint it Black" and a most astonishing diversion on a "Saucerful Of Secrets" theme! But, like Gila or Tangerine Dream, Virus were by no means plagiarists, what they did was to venture beyond such influences and come up with a style all of their own, resulting in a powerful cosmic excursion that's largely instrumental and full of surprises. Certainly an album of revelations!" (Crack In The Cosmic Egg)

1. Revelation inc. "Paint It Black" Theme
2. Endless Game
3. Burning Candle
4. Hungry Looser
5. Ur Noch Zwei Lichtjahre

Reinhold Spiegelfeld - Bass
Bernd Hohmann - Flute, Vocals
J. Dieter Krahe - Organ
Wolfgang Rieke - Drums
Werner Monka - Guitar

Not my rip - separate flac's with artwork. Thanks to the original uploader from long ago!

Part 1__Part 2__Part 3


Blogger Rockhopper said...

Keep up the good work!
It's gettin' better everyday ... ;-)

8:04 AM, June 23, 2009  
Anonymous danilo said...

Excellent record one of the best in Krautrock music,therefore essential.Thanks.

7:10 PM, June 25, 2009  
Anonymous Carlos Roa said...

Superb, as usual here. Many thankx.

8:53 AM, July 01, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog is just unbelievable ! hugest thanks for giving people the opportunity to discover this excellent music , i really apreciate it !

1:21 PM, August 17, 2009  
Blogger harry lime said...

wow , this a real great discovery ! moody floyd like stuff with a few bluesy jam sessions thrown in . real warm and open production and excellent musicianship ! thanks a lot for this gem ! by the way did they record anything else ?

3:02 AM, August 19, 2009  
Blogger GarColga said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

harry this is their best album and the only one with this lineup - there are two others - "Thoughts" and "Remember". Both still very interesting but with a different style.

5:16 AM, August 19, 2009  

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